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1C Accounting Software is a frequently used accounting software. This software helps businesses manage their financial transactions and streamline their accounting processes.
The main features of 1C Accounting Software include functions such as general ledger, tracking current accounts, sales and purchases, inventory management, personnel payroll, tax reporting and reporting. It can also be tailored to the specific needs of a business and can offer solutions suitable for different types of businesses.
Accounting software usually comes with a user-friendly interface and is intended to be easy to use even by people without accounting knowledge. Such software saves time and minimizes errors by automating financial processes.

What will you learn in the 1C accounting course?
  • 1C accounting database is written to your computer completely free of charge
  • Video recordings are made and made available to each student
  • Transactions with practical tasks and real documents are carried out
  • At the end, you are provided with an official certificate


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Qulu Səfəroğlu
Web Developer

Our trainer, a graduate of Azerbaijan State University of Economics majoring in accounting and auditing, has been working as a mentor in this field for a long time. During this period, he trained many professional students.


Course Includes:

  • Price: ₼ 130 / month
  • Instructor: Qulu Səfəroğlu
  • Duration: 2 months
  • book iconLessons: 0

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